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Pua One – Welcome Everyone!

Dear Aspiring and Successful PUA alike,

This is a just a real quick message to everyone that has been following our amazing little rag tag group of pua’s  searching to help each other find their way with becoming amazing in Pickup.Eventually i’ll post a bit more about our group and its members. I’ve been in the game for more then a decade now. I’ve meet people from every corner of the PUA community.For now,  i just want to let you know that our PUA group here is one of a kind in the community.We’re all united with similar goals, but despite our differences we work together to help each other. We feature things that you won’t find anywhere else in this “new age” community.   B-)I’ll get to this more in a bit. For now know about some of the exciting things that we have planned and what’s to come.

  • Live Skype PUA drilling sessions
  • A 24/7 skype chat ( mobile and desktop friendly )
  • Unique co-operative / circle of friends group
  • some of the most cutting edge & science based principles
  • Real world experienced  PUA (that have had success)
  • Network with PUAs Around the world  on your own schedule
and so much more.

We will offer all of this for FREE for now.. for a limited time.  Reason being? what’s the catch you ask?

Simple.. you give back value by being a valuable member of our group. sharing your insight and vision.
If your new.. i will be posting newbie info shortly. If you have any questions you may contact me over skype : Stryker5777
                                                            ALOT More on this to come………
General Rules and Guidelines:
  1. I don’t care how good you are… we all will help each other and not act like we’re pua gods.
    • No one is perfect and most of the current day theories and philosphies are wrong. they work out of sheer persistence and general looks. I look at things differently.
  2. I’M not your fucking MOTHER …please don’t make me baby sit you.
    •  I expect everyone to play nicely for the most part. If you really cause trouble we will deal with you. Otherwise, we welcome everyone and encourage people to participate. No ridiculous levels of trolling… i EXPECT people to disagree and not get along.. HELL i expect / want them to even flame each other at times.  If you goto any tough high end corporate world where the pressure is on.. People swear, insult, even give each other shit.. etc. Its part of being the best in the fucking world. i won’t sugar coat that OR PRETEND it isn’t real.. if you can’t handle it… GO SOMEWHERE where they WILL CUDDLE you…!
    • BUT .. trust this.. when your in the FIELD…People aren’t going to be all rosy towards you.                           THEY WILL give you shit. So, you should be able to handle it.
  3. Please try and be respectful tho…
  •  Racial BS… Hating… cutting newbies down.. or degrading each other for no reason at all.. or suspect reason.. (or at my or other mods disceration) WILL NOT be tolerated. [Again joking, teasing and tough business like attitudes ARE FINE… just don’t cross the line ]

4.  Encourage each other …. to GET out there.. and help with cutting edge knowledge..

  •   I want to hear what has worked, what will work, what you’ve tried, what’s BEEN PROVEN in science relating to seduction and influence.. Not pansy ass shit. So put links up

5. No conversational topics that you know are illegal like selling drugs or shit…

  • Obvious. i will eliminate you from here… no questions asked.  B-)



more to come,


sometimes images speak louder then words, gents….